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Casting Capabilities - Custom Castings Division

Casting Capabilities. Charlotte is an ISO Certified foundry, we have experience, in pouring gray iron castings that meet ASTM and SAE specifications in Class 25, Class 30 and Class 35. Bring us your ideas; we can help you design, melt and mold them - it's what we do every day!

Manufacturing Processes | Engineering, Metallurgy, Melting ...

Aarrowcast's metal foundry has the flexibility to work with various iron types and coring needs, and can fulfill low to high volume orders. From engineering and metallurgy to pattern design, tooling builds, core assembly, and ultimately melting and molding, our manufacturing processes allow us to create your custom casting from start to finish or get involved at any point in the process.

Casting|IJTT Co., Ltd.

Production line with state-of-the-art technology. Automatization with methods such as numerical control has been implemented in all processes of casting, machining, assembly and inspection, therefore, our production lines are "safe," "high quality" and then exceedingly "flexible.". Automatic molding process. Automatic core setting ...

Capabilities – BDJ Metal Products

Superior casting dimensional tolerances; Excellent Casting surface finish; Casting design flexibility due to the superior tensile strength bond of the molding sand; Core Making. Our in-house core making capabilities are centered around Resin Coated "Shell" Sand, NoBake, Oil …

What is Sand Casting | Process | Application | JC casting

What is Sand Casting. Sand casting, known as sand molding casting, is a casting process that uses sand as a mold. Then pour the liquid metal into this mold to create a casting part.It is one of the oldest casting processes. It can be used to make metal components of all sizes, ranging from 1kg to hundred tons.

Molding & Melting - ACME Foundry

Precision Molding & Melting Services for Gray Iron Castings Acme Foundry has delivered innovative molding and manufacturing solutions for over a century. Our state-of-the-art foundry is outfitted with the latest mold-making and casting equipment, enabling us to offer precision products with unbeatable quality and consistency in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification standards ...

Capabilities of Our Iron Foundry - Faircast, Inc. Foundry

Coldbox is the most popular core making process used to produce sand cores in today's North American foundries. DISA MOLDING For your high volume applications, our 3 Disa vertical molding machines are available to produce parts in both ductile casting and gray iron casting.


CFM has over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space. With this infrastructure, we're able to produce castings with unrivaled speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Molding and Core-Making. Melting. Finishing. Machining. Pattern Shop. Quality Assurance. Get in touch with us today and let's discuss your custom casting needs.

Melting - Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

Melting. Charlotte's melting capabilities for gray iron castings are top-notch. Our cupola furnace is capable of melting 70 tons per hour and we can hold a combined capacity of 160 tons of molten iron in our channel furnaces. Our Disamatic lines are equipped with Visipour® systems to keep up with higher capacity mold production.

ATD – One Source, Total Responsibility

Our team of expertly trained engineers and toolmakers are metal casting industry veterans with an extensive knowledge of molding, core making, melting, and finishing. This extensive knowledge, along with our innovative solutions, provides our customers with a competitive edge in operational excellence.

Capabilities - ACME Foundry

Our cutting-edge foundry delivers a complete range of molding, melting and casting solutions backed by the latest ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. From engineering and design to machining, assembly and testing, we offer superior manufacturing capabilities to tackle all of your iron casting prototype and production needs. Core Room

Gray Iron Casting Services-Warsaw, Indiana

2- Hunter 10 molding machines (flask size 14x19) Squeezer and floor molding capabilities for short run and deep draw type item. Additional Services Provided Core Assembly Production Volume Low to Medium volume (Short order/Job Shop) Casting runs from 1 to 20,000 per month depending on casting design and weight. Melting Capabilities

Capabilities - Smith Foundry

1- Hartley Automated Sand Control System. Molding. 2- Beardsley and Piper 2016 16x20 Match Blowmatic Molding Machines (oz-40lbs) 1- Beardsley and Piper 2026 20x26 Automatic Molding Machine (oz-75lbs) 1- Osborn 722 Cope & Drag pin lift molding machine 28x36x12 flasks (up to 250 lbs) Core. 1- Kloster 200 lbs/min Core Sand Mixer.

Core Making

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company 1335 South Clarkson St., Charlotte, NC 28208 Tel: (800) 517-5804 Fax: (704) 337-2720

Manufacturing Capability - Boose Aluminum

Aluminum Sand Casting Manufacturing Capabilities. Dependable. Long-lasting. Reliable. These are the properties associated with a BOOSE aluminum sand casting. For quality aluminum castings, choose the industry's most reliable partner: BOOSE Aluminum Foundry. No matter the size of your project or the industry you serve, BOOSE is the best choice ...

Capabilities of Gartland Foundry

Auto feed sand conveyors to molding centers; Ability to adapt Hunter 10 and Hunter 20 plates to our molding machines; Casting Weights: Gray Iron: 0.5# to 75#, Ductile Iron: 0.5# to 60# Core Room. Two Gaylord 19VSTB coldbox machines-core box sizes to 19"x16" OMCO - MS-1 Super Bowl Mixer with capacity up to 3 tons sand per hour

Aluminum Sand Casting Foundry Serving the US | Harrison ...

More on Aluminum Casting. Foundry Capabilities. Our impressive facilities allow us to produce sand castings for a diverse range of industries all over the world. Our foundry capabilities include pattern making, core making, melting, finishing, heat treatment, testing & inspection and machining.

Foundry Pattern Making Services | Harrison Castings Ltd

Foundry Pattern Making at Harrison Castings. Consultation between customer and foundry at the design stage is encouraged not only to determine how easily the product is manufactured but also to optimize cost, quality & reliability. Using CAD/CAM data and high quality model board we ensure the accuracy & repeatability of our tooling.

Sand Casting Process | Sivyer Steel Castings

The sand casting process offers several benefits and can be tailored to meet the size, shape, metal type, and production processes for each application. It all starts with core making and mold making. Making high quality molds makes high quality castings. See how we do it here. We carefully control the melting process for all our castings and ...

Automated Molding and Core Making ... - US Casting Company

Automated Molding and Core Making Department At US Casting Company, our commitment to utilizing the latest innovations and technology sets us apart from other steel casting companies and foundries. We use the latest in no-bake sand processes, allowing our newly expanded and fully automated molding and core making department to produce castings ...

Casting Capabilities | Sivyer Steel Castings Foundry

Along with all the typical core making, molding, melting and finishing capabilities, we also provide in-house heat treating, extensive internal non-destructive testing including x …

SP Foundry | Casting

SP Foundry has the capabilities to produce different types of cores weighing anywhere from ounces to hundreds of pounds. Our core production capacity has been strategically matched to our molding capacity to insure a seamless throughput of cores to each of our molding lines.

Capabilities | Non Ferrous Casting

Our two shell core machines can fit boxes of 12" x 18" while we can produce almost any size bench (oil sand) cores. Melting. Our melting capacity will meet your needs for both small and large castings: Five gas fired furnaces capable of 80-pound heats within 45 minutes (400 pound total melt capacity). These furnaces are used in the melting ...

Metal Casting -1 - IIT Bombay

Capabilities •Dimensions –sand casting -as large as you like –small -1 mm or so •Tolerances –0.005 in to 0.1 in •Surface finish ... –Preparation of pattern(s), core(s) and mold(s) –Melting and pouring of liquefied metal –Solidification and cooling to room temperature

Industrial Metal Castings Capabilities - Willman Industries

Production Capabilities – Melting and Metallurgy. 3 B.B.C. Coreless Melting (IGS) 9 tons each with 1600 KVA and 2200 KVA power supplies. Max Melting Capacity: 100 Tons/Day. Thermal arrest carbon and silicon analyses with differential analysis. Leco carbon and sulfur analysis. Spectrometer.

Capabilities - American Castings, LLC

Core Making. Molding. Melt. Finishing. Paint. Quality Assurance. Automation. What Our Clients Say. As a casting supplier to Acme Industries for over twelve years, AMERICAN Castings is a strategic supplier to us. We value the relationship we have with them. Strategic Sourcing Manager.

Sand Core Making | Sand Casting Core | Harrison Castings Ltd

Core making is the process which forms the interior part of the casting. The mold provides a space for the molten metal to go, while the core keeps the metal from filling the entire space. Cores can be used to extend mold projections to create extra mold sections, or to block out and create negative drafts.

Sand Casting Foundry | Stainless Foundry & Engineering

Our Sand Casting Capabilities WHAT OUR SAND POURING & MELT PROCESS OFFERS: Core Making. Two different core binder systems (no-bake, and oil) gives us many options in making a quality core needed to meet our diverse requests for different alloys, complex shapes and various sizes.

Quality Castings | Capabilities - Grey & Ductile Iron Foundry

Molding Department. Osborne Inliner, 24 x 32 - 10"/8" flask - 275 molds per hour. Osborne 722, 31 x 31 - 14"/12" flask - 50 molds per hour. Georg Fischer Plus-Squeeze Molding System - operates with 38" x 42" x 16"/16" flasks at the rate of 50 molds per hour. Up to 600lb castings. Casting sizes from 10 lb. to …

Capabilities – Southwest Steel Casting Company

Equipment. We operate two, no-bake foundries with arc furnace melting, and support our molding lines attrition and reclaiming capabilities. We have both arc and induction melting furnaces. We have core making facilities, casting and finishing areas and an array of analytical equipment for all of our castings.