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GNSS/GPS Survey Equipment - Surveying Equipment

We supply a wide range of GNSS survey equipment instruments to cover all manner of accuracies and specifications. Working with a variety of industries including Construction, Land Surveying, GIS, Archaeology, Asset Management and many others SCCS provide complete geospatial positioning solutions from lower spec hand held GNSS to cm accuracy network rovers.

Antique Surveying Instruments, Restoration, Repair, Sales ...

Antique Surveying Equipment and Optical Tooling Equipment: Company Profile | Directory | Special Offer. #4029 - Berger tunnel transit Click on the photo for larger image.: Purpose of this site This web site is dedicated to the selling of various new, used, and antique surveying instruments, and optical tooling.

Survey Equipment Hire

Our hire fleet is the most comprehensive hire fleet of surveying equipment and accessories in the UK. We have a full range of the most technologically advanced hardware and software equipment and solutions for positioning and measuring. We also provide an unrivalled technical and logistical support team to ensure you get the correct equipment where and when you need it.

GPS Surveying Equipment | GPS Survey Equipment | GPS

GPS surveying equipment will make your work easier, with features like hot-swappable long-life batteries, water/drop-resistance, and minimal setup time giving you the best in gps surveying equipment.

7 Types of Land Surveying & the Tools Required for Each ...

Spectra Precision Laser Level LL500 – A long-range, extremely accurate leveling device, the Spectra LL500 can be used across the entire site. It is stable, reliable, and accurate with a 1,600ft working diameter. 6. Subdivision Survey. A subdivision survey is used to divide a parcel of land into smaller tracts, lots, or estates.

BASIC Surveying Manual - Michigan Technological University

Before choosing personnel and selecting survey equipment, it is important to determine the accuracy required for the job. Cut and fill slopes and ditches, for example, don't require the same accuracy as drain inlets and finished pavement grades. No survey measurement is ever exact. Surveys are subject to error, so always check your work.

How to Measure Elevation of Land, Slope, With a String and ...

I don't have any expensive survey equipment like a transit or laser level so I've got to make due with a string and 2 metal posts. Here's how I measure the ...

Pre-Owned Land Survey Equipment for Sale | AGS

At AGS, we pride ourselves on having a great selection of AGS Certified Pre-Owned land survey equipment available. If you are in the market for mapping or land surveying equipment from brands like Topcon, Sokkia, Leica, Geomax, Trimble, and Spectra, we have what you are looking for! AGS provides clients with fully inspected and certified pre ...

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7 pcs Hanging Bubble Line Level for Building Trades, Engineering, Surveying, Metalworking and other Equipment Measure (Yellow - 7 Pack) 4.5 out of 5 stars 951 $7.99 $ 7 . 99

How Much Does It Cost To Clear Land? - HomeGuide

Land Clearing Cost. The average cost to clear land to build a house is between $1,150 and $3,680.Land clearing cost per acre ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 on lightly wooded lots and between $3,790 to $6,710 for a heavily wooded area. Depending on why you need the land cleared, what needs to be removed, and the acreage of the land, you could see prices as low as $500 for a quarter-acre and as ...

Transit Levels: All About Transit Levels - Johnson Level

The graduated leveling vial is also known as a spirit level. The spirit level is used to level the telescope while it is being placed on the base and works much like a traditional hand level. The leveling vial is placed above or below the barrel of the telescope.

Maintenance of Surveying Equipment - Repair of Survey Tools

Surveying equipment is being used under most stressful conditions. The equipment is exposed to extreme weather conditions, used in dusty construction areas and is subject to bumpy transportation. Proper care in the method by which equipment is used, stored, transported, and adjusted is a major factor in the successful completion of the survey.

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330-ft Green Beam Cross-line 360 Laser Level with Plumb Points; Level and with Case. Model # GLL3-330CG. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 2. Johnson Level. Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System 800-ft Red Beam Self-Leveling Rotary 360 Laser Level with Plumb Points and Level. Model # 40-6517.

How to Use Surveying Equipment | Career Trend

Surveying the land before a building is constructed is one of the most important parts of the building process. Before a building project takes place, land surveyors go to the site to determine the suitability of the location. These surveyors use a variety of …

Levels & Surveying Equipment for sale | eBay

Keuffel And Esser 169869 Paragon Surveyors Transit Level In Wooden Case. $175.00. $30.25 shipping. AdirPro Prism Pole Bipod Thumb Release Range Yellow 760-02, Surveying, Topcon. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (11) 11 product ratings - AdirPro Prism Pole Bipod Thumb Release Range Yellow 760-02, Surveying…

Types of Errors and Corrections of Errors in Levelling ...

Avoid leveling during noon hours; 6. Tripod or rod settles between measurements e.g Bubble off center: ... Maintenance of Surveying Equipment - Routine Care and Transportation. Types of Chains and Tapes in Civil Survey. Intersection Method of Plane Table Surveying.

How to DIY a Landscape Survey - Lifehacker

Tape a laser pointer on the end of a level (taped so you can use the level as a sort of monopod resting on the ground). 3. Move around the yard, hold the level level…

Basic Surveying

Basic Surveying - Student Workbook Page 7 of 52 3/15/2007 Centerline Staking - The maximum staking interval for the project centerline shall be 100 ft on tangents and 50 ft on curves or as specified on the survey tabulation sheet.

Survey Instrument Sales | Serving Michigan For 30+ Years ...

Survey Instrument Sales. Survey Instrument Sales is a leading Michigan Made Company out of the Metro Detroit area for all your Land Survey Tools & Equipment. Our Products range from Total Stations, Theodolites, Lasers, Laser Levels, GPS, & accessories. Choose from brands like Spectra, Leica, Nikon, Johnson Level, ChrisNik, Brunton, Calculated ...

Leveling Notes Surveying -

leveling notes surveying and levelling uses of levelling post navigation, highway surveying manual page 15 5 january 2005 construction survey procedures figure 15 2b hand written generated slope stake notes there are various ways to slope stake a project depending on which method you choose

Topographic Survey Cost - How much does it cost to survey ...

Type of topographic survey: Basic boundary surveys cost much less than full mortgage surveys or topographic surveys. Land survey cost calculator By finding prices, reviews, recommendations, and other information useful for a survey or similar service, a consumer can attempt to make an informed decision about how to purchase these services.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost to Clear Land ...

The average cost to clear land and prepare land for a construction site is $2,581.Most homeowners can expect to pay between $1,266 and $3,900 or between $1.18 to $2 per square foot to clear and prep their lot for construction.. The cost for small-scale projects that don't require much land clearing or grading averages around $563, while homeowners with extensive lot clearing projects pay …

Land Surveying Equipment & Supplies Tiger Supplies

Surveyor Marianna recommends Topcon's TP-15 Surveying Tripod for those looking for a tripod that will last for years. Its unique circular head makes leveling instruments much easier than a typical triangular head, and the wood-fiberglass mixed material makes it durable and heavy-duty.

The Best Drone for Land Surveying | Drone Data Processing

Best Entry-Level: DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is the best non-RTK drone for the creation of topographic and planimetric surveys. This platform is cost-effective, easy to use, durable, and dependable. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is the best non-RTK drone for surveying because it …

How does land surveying work? — Practical Engineering

First, a sight level which is essentially a combination of a telescope and a spirit level. To use it, first get a buddy or a willing spouse to hold a surveying rod on the point of interest. Now, look through the sight at a surveying rod and raise or lower the end until the bubble is centered on the line.

How to Use GPS for Land Surveying (and Pros & Cons)

When used properly, GPS for land surveying offers the highest level of accuracy and is much faster than conventional surveying techniques. Different types of GPS land survey equipment are used for different purposes, though there are three methods of GPS measurement used most often by surveyors:

Laser Land Leveler | General Technical Information

Laser leveling of agricultural land is a recent resource-conservation technology. It has the potential to change the way food is produced by enhancing resource-use efficiency of critical inputs without any disturbing and harmful effects on the productive resilience of the ecosystem. In spite of several direct and indirect benefits derived from ...

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Spectra Precision LL300N-1 Laser Level, Self Leveling Kit with HL450 Receiver, Clamp, 15' Grade Rod / 10ths and Tripod 4.8 out of 5 stars 136 $845.00 $ 845 . 00


MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LIST FOR TYPICAL DISTRICT HOSPITAL DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT MIN UNIT COST TOTAL COST X - RAY Dental X-ray 1 3,000,000 3,000,000 Dental X-ray film processor 2 250,000 500,000 Mobile X -ray unit 2 4,700,000 9,400,000

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Surveying Levels, Transit-Levels, Builders Levels, Builders Transits - EngineerSupply. Engineering Supplies, Blueprint Storage, Measuring Tools, Surveying Equipment & More! 800.591.8907 M-F 8-5PM EST. Customer Service.